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Q: What is the uID system?
A: uID is the uCoz member network. Because Fortress was made through uCoz, a web hosting service, Fortress members have to register through uCoz. SummerCatz would change that so that you didn't have to register through uCoz, but it costs money monthly, which she doesn't have :( However, by registering through uCoz, u can also make your own website. (No advertising on Fortress though. Sorry).

Q: What does it mean when the registration form says, "We recommend that you sign up to uID system by means of filling this registration form"?
A: Basically, it doesn't recommend that you fill out the form, it makes you. As in, there is no other option. SummerCatz would like to change that, but because of the whole money problem mentioned above... sorry.

Q: Will my email be sold, traded, or otherwise not kept confidential?
A: Of course not. Your email will never be sold or given away. All information is confidential, and will not be shared against your will.

Q: Is the "Nickname" field synonymous with "username"?
A: Yes.

Q: What is the note under the "Personal Photo" that says, "It is necessary for the dating system and the search of your profile by other uID users"? If Fortress a dating site?
A: Fortress is not a dating site. Although you may meet someone, Fortress does not have a dating system nor function as a dating site. However, uID does, through the "wink" feature on your/another user's uID profile.

Q: Do I have to choose my avatar while registering?
A: No. You can always go back and change it once you have joined Fortress.

Q: What if I can't read the security code? 
A: Click the little green arrows next to it and it will give you a new one.

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