FAQ: Forum & Guestbook

Q: What is the Guestbook for?
A: The Guestbook is for guests to leave messages about their thoughts on the site. 

Q: What are the thumbs up/thumbs down symbols for?
A: If you agree with the post, click thumbs up. If not, click thumbs down.

Q: What is the forum for?
A: The forum is for all users to post on. It provides a place to give/receive advice, meet new friends, and have fun. 

Q: Where can I see the forum rules? 
A: A copy is posted under the "Forum Rules" tab directly above the "Fortress Forums" bar.

Q: What do I do if a thread really bothers me but isn't breaking any Fortress rules?
A: First of all, do not go into the thread and post, "I don't like this thread". Think of it this way: when you post on said thread, it gets pushed up to the top so others will be more likely to see it. But if you just ignore the thread, it will eventually move down and off the page. So just ignore any threads that bother you.

Q: What are sticky threads?
A: Threads that will always remain at the top of the forum. Users cannot create them, only moderators and the admin.

Q: What is the "www" button under a user's post?
A: A direct link to their website, if they have one and have input it in their user data.

Q: What does the "quote" button do?
A: This includes that post in yours, useful when you want to make a specific comment on a specific piece of text.

Q: What happens if I tick the "Enable email notifications about answers" box?
A: Anytime someone posts on said thread, you will receive an email.

Q: What are the hide, spoiler, /, and other options do?
A: Fortress is working on limiting the use of some of these, so for now, just put it this way: if you don't know what it does, don't use it. Thanks :D

Q: What's the "Tell a Friend" button?
A: If you click it, a box will appear so that you can send a friend an email with a link attached to the message. it will send the recipient to the page you were viewing. You can also use the social networking buttons, right above it.

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