FAQ: Calendar and Site News

Q: What is "Calendar and Site News"?
A: They are modules installed on the site that allow SummerCatz to easily post news and notify users about it.

Q: What will be included in the site news?
A: Any site upgrades, user birthdays, user weddings (If they wish to have it posted), and any other major events. If you hear an amazing story on the news, etc. and would like to have it posted in the site news, PM SummerCatz so that she can add it. Events that you know about ahead of time need to be told to SummerCatz ahead of time so that they can be displayed on the proper day.

Q: How do I get to the site news? Will it be available on any other pages?
A: You can reach site news through the entries archive, the calendar, or a link that may be posted under the "Announcements" section on the home page. Most things posted on Site news will also be available on the home page or in the "Fortress Announcements" forum.

Q: What is that little calendar on the left for, and why are some dates in orange boxes?               
A: The calendar is mainly a calendar, but the dates with orange boxes are days that SummerCatz has posted site news. Please click on them- you will be able to view any news that has been posted. Often the news you find on the orange dates is not available on the forums, and it is news for the entire site, which means you need to see it too!

Q: What is the "Entries Archive" block underneath the Tag Board (on some pages)?
A: It is an archive all Site News entries from past months, as well as storing the present month. If or some reason, you wanted to look back, you can click on said month's link to view all news.

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